You can use our composite lattice material to replace traditional steel wire cage, rebar and sheet molding compound (SMC) patches in reinforcement for precast polymer concrete, overcoming the challenges of polymer-based concrete systems. For one, polymer concrete doesn’t adhesively bond to the steel, instead relying purely on the mechanical interface between the materials. Rusting can also occur if the rebar is exposed.

WEAV3D’s patent-pending composite lattice is an alternative solution, offering a completely non-metallic reinforcement material that provides high levels of durability and strength, as well as resistance to corrosion and other environmental conditions.

The lattice is based on a thermoplastic composite material that forms an adhesive bond with polymer concrete and provides exceptional impact and tensile load resistance. It can also be tuned to provide extra strength around drain holes, lift points and other vulnerable areas in polymer concrete products, reducing the likelihood of damage during transportation and installation.

Additionally, the same material we use for polymer concrete can also be used to enhance the strength of bulk molding compound and sheet molding compound components.

WEAV3D® Value Proposition

WEAV3D Oldcastle
The thermoplastic lattice forms an adhesive bond with polymer concrete, providing exceptional impact and tensile load resistance

Our composite lattice enables manufacturers of utility products and construction accessories to produce economical, yet high-quality polymer concrete products, the benefits of which include:

  • Adhesive bonding. The lattice is based on a thermoplastic composite material that forms an adhesive bond with the polymer concrete, yielding the best possible strength and mechanical properties. Because the structural reinforcement and polymer concrete have been optimized to work together, concrete products are more resistant to impact damage and internal reinforcement disbond.
  • Selective reinforcements. For every product we develop, we have the ability to vary weave pattern, lattice density and tape-type in composites, enabling complete control over the strength, stiffness and cost of the final part. This design also provides the tensile strength necessary to install polymer concrete products without damage.
  • Balancing cost and performance. Our composite lattice enables manufacturers of utility and infrastructure products to carve out a new cost-to-performance niche, producing parts that are lighter, stronger and less expensive.
WEAV3D Lync Trench


  • Cable trench systems
  • Underground precast drainage inlets and catch basins
  • Precast utility enclosures and vaults
  • Precast trench covers, enclosure lids and manhole covers